Break The Bias

By editor / March 8, 2022 / Comments Off on Break The Bias

Happy International Women’s Day! What does IWD mean to you and what does it mean to you to “Break the Bias”? Please read the following message from Nicole at RAFT… “The number one lesson I learned from working at a statewide coalition against domestic and sexual violence is to always take good care of the…

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Let’s keep changing the world!

By editor / February 28, 2022 / Comments Off on Let’s keep changing the world!

I had the honor of being interviewed for “Authority Magazine” about my mission to end Domestic Violence. Let’s keep changing the world. You can find the article here. Always on your side, Indrani

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True Love

By editor / February 21, 2022 / Comments Off on True Love

Performative love or authentic respect? Let’s be sure that we are giving and receiving respect/admiration/kindness everyday and not just on Valentine’s Day. True love is not a performance. True love is living and breathing joy and peace and compassion, daily. Give it to yourself first. Always on your side, Indrani Click Here to watch my…

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By editor / February 16, 2022 / Comments Off on Love!

How have you celebrated LOVE this month? Be sure to include yourself when you are doling out LOVE. Treat yourself to a delicious meal, a good book, perhaps flowers…whatever makes you smile and fills your heart. For this month and beyond, I want you to find a new love. A love of yourself. Always on…

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Facing Fear

By editor / February 9, 2022 / Comments Off on Facing Fear

Grounded on a swinging platform is a thing I never expected to do in my life! But I did. When I was growing up in Trinidad, I was afraid of heights, but I did not know that I was petrified of heights. I could not even climb 3 rungs of a regular ladder. After I…

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Brag Blog!

By editor / January 31, 2022 / Comments Off on Brag Blog!

I would like to take a moment to brag on someone that is doing the real work….Kavita Mehra, Executive Director, Sakhi for South Asian Women — New York, NY. This award honors fifty individuals across the country who have been on the front-lines supporting their neighbors and communities, demonstrating remarkable service, courage and generosity while…

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By editor / January 31, 2022 / Comments Off on No.

“No.” That, my friends, is a complete sentence. What do you do when people you know, like, and even love refuse to take “no” for an answer? Here are some options: You can wish them well repeatedly, and still say no, but that might not work. You can ignore them, but you may feel terrible.…

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Red Flags

By editor / January 24, 2022 / Comments Off on Red Flags

Leading up to Valentine’s Day… Hey friends, The article above shows that “too much too soon” is a red flag! If you are uneasy about how much the new person in your life wants from you, it’s a problem. You had a life before they came along and you can make room for them,…

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By editor / January 10, 2022 / Comments Off on Rest

REST up this week. Our word for Jan is REST. You do not have to start every year at a furious pace. What if you said “no” to anything new this week? Chances are you are still recovering from last year. Maybe even the last two years, so rest. Always on your side, Indrani

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Love Shouldn’t Hurt

By editor / January 3, 2022 / Comments Off on Love Shouldn’t Hurt

Children are groomed to accept violence long before they meet their abusive dating partner. This is not a message that parents want to hear. This is not a message that caregivers want to accept. This message is ugly and truthful, and the messenger is often tainted as being ignorant or emotional or too sensitive, the…

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