Tip #8: Use eyes and ears to see and hear wrongs in the world

Tip #8 at living the best years ahead of you: use your eyes and ears to see and hear the wrongs in the world AND do your best to fix them. You may not end them, but you must try.

Let us start at home and in our familiar communities.

What is it about humans that we hear our people saying nasty things to each other and we don’t want to rock the boat, so we say nothing, and wait for the discomfort to pass.

Meanwhile the person or persons who were insulted are left to absorb all the nasty and no one seems to notice.

When there is retaliation on the part of the person who was picked on, people say they are sensitive. People say, “can’t you take a joke?”

I want us all to step into discomfort and be on the team of the people who are being picked on.

How about we say “actually, they can take jokes, but YOU are not funny. Let us leave the jokes to professional comedians.”

Oh boy, can you imagine the glares you would get?

Maybe we can find softer ways to call out bad behaviors of others, without ourselves becoming the bully?

Let’s at least keep our eyes and ears open so we have the chance to shift the energy in the room.

Always on your side,


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