Help End the Cycle of Domestic Abuse Against Women

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“Indrani Goradia gave a heartfelt, moving presentation during PSI’s Latin American strategic conference. She shared the difficult challenges she faced growing up in Trinidad and how she was able to transform the experience into a successful career providing a role model for anyone facing gender violence issues. Well done!” - Peter D. Holt, President & CEO, Planet Tasti

Indrani Goradia captivates conference audiences around the world with her insights and tireless efforts to eradicate generational domestic violence.

During international keynote addresses and panel discussions, Indrani inspires and implores women around the globe to …

Break free from abuse and convert their pain into strength

Connect with their inner determination and power

Gain an awareness of how resilient they can be

Get the most out of every waking moment in their lives

Assist and inspire other women in need

Above all, Indrani motivates women who are being abused to tap into their inner courage and realize how being bold can set them free!

“Indrani’s message of ‘radical self-care’ is both simple and revolutionary. I watched her convey this powerful message to my mission-driven staff at a regional retreat in Latin America …Her message and approach have helped improve my own organization’s effectiveness at saving and improving lives in the developing world.” - Karl Hofmann, President and CEO, Population Services International


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