Ending Domestic Abuse

Has No Greater Advocate

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Give Every Woman

the Strength to Come Into the Light


Indrani Goradia is a warrior. She is an in-demand speaker, a noted advocate, activist and philanthropist, and the Founder of Indrani’s Light Foundation.


She has thrived despite severe childhood abuse, and she is deeply committed to freeing other women from the ravages of domestic violence.

Shine a Floodlight


on Abusive Behavior


In various forums around the world, Indrani advocates for abused women as she encourages them to overcome their fear by recognizing and acknowledging patterns of violence.


Indrani Goradia is certain that when abused women have support, they can move from being a victim to being an unstoppable force that frees other women.

From her personal experience she knows that when women do this…

anything becomes possible

Step Out of the Dark and Into the Light

Through her continual dedication and commitment, Indrani empowers abused women to realize they are stronger and more resilient than they know.

Her efforts have helped women around the globe feel more confident in their ability to …


abuse and turn their pain into power

Tap Into

their inner strength and determination


how meaningful their life can be


as many other women as possible


the most of every moment they have on Earth

Most importantly, Indrani challenges abused women and girls to push themselves, be courageous, and discover what being brave can do!

Is it your hope to help women and girls break free from the ravages of physical and mental abuse?

Do you believe all women deserve to step out of the shadows and share their gifts with the world?

If so, you’ll find no greater advocate for supporting abused women on their journey to wellness and whole being.

Explore Indrani Goradia’s website to discover how you can help her on her mission to free women from the shackles of domestic abuse.

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