Embrace all of YOU!

By editor / June 21, 2021 / Comments Off on Embrace all of YOU!

It’s summer and we seem to be more judgmental of our bodies this time of year. We see “get beach bodies now” and “10 pounds gone while we sleep” and other messages aimed at making us feel like $#€T! Is this happening to you? Take a moment to list ALL the things you are grateful…

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Can We Really End Domestic Violence?

By editor / June 14, 2021 / Comments Off on Can We Really End Domestic Violence?

The short answer is, “only if we want to.” The shorter answer is, “WE MUST.” If even just one of us has figured out and learned how to stop violence at home, within our own walls and under our own roof, the rest of us have no excuse to not follow suit. Harmful behaviors are…

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By editor / June 7, 2021 / Comments Off on Love!

Take a moment to write down a few names of people who mean a lot to you. Then take the rest of this week to call them and tell them you love them. No need for long missives. Simplicity works best. Always on your side, Indrani

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Beginnings and Endings

By editor / June 1, 2021 / Comments Off on Beginnings and Endings

Welcome to June! This is the month of beginnings and endings….commencements, graduations, celebrations! What do you wish you would have known back when you were graduating? I wish I would have known to prioritize my physical health. So today, that is what I am doing for myself. Whatever it is you wish you would have…

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Asking for Help

By editor / May 24, 2021 / Comments Off on Asking for Help

Asking for help isn’t always easy. It’s hard to be vulnerable. But it is also necessary. And we need your help. Will you help RAFT provide free training to 100 more advocates in 2021? Resilience for Advocates through Foundational Training (RAFT), supports the advocates who care for survivors of sexual and domestic violence. We do…

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By editor / May 18, 2021 / Comments Off on Awareness

The victim was:       an OBGYN       a dentist       a sex worker       a housekeeper Pick one. The victim was abused daily because she was:       unlovable       worthless       could do nothing right Pick one. The victim stayed with…

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You Are Not Alone

By editor / May 11, 2021 / Comments Off on You Are Not Alone

“Educate, enlighten and inspire.” – Douglas Gresham May is Mental Health Month! Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness. During May, we recognize and raise awareness about the importance of Mental Health. You Are Not Alone is the theme of this year’s Mental Health Month. Please use this…

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By editor / May 4, 2021 / Comments Off on Travel!

For the month of May, let’s focus on “travel”. Due to the pandemic, 2020 didn’t allow for much travel…if any at all. Travel is something that many of us long to do! Do you miss it? My invitation for you is to have a “Travel Party”! Grab some photos of your favorite travel destinations and…

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Perhaps, we are already where we want to be!

By editor / April 26, 2021 / Comments Off on Perhaps, we are already where we want to be!

I pressed the elevator button. The elevator arrived. I stepped in and pressed 24. The doors would not close. I was stuck. Exasperated, I stepped out. I waited a few mins. I called for the elevator again. Again I stepped in. I pressed 24. Again the doors would not close. I was even more exasperated.…

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Compassion Fatigue & Gratitude

By editor / April 20, 2021 / Comments Off on Compassion Fatigue & Gratitude

What are you carrying in your “wheelbarrow”? In other words, what are you holding onto that does not serve you? How about negative thoughts or grudges? Compassion fatigue and burnout is a REAL THING. Especially when we are doing such important work…in our professional life and at home. We only have 24 hours in a…

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