Tip #9: Dress with color and be seen!

Tip #9 at living the best years ahead of you…dress with color and be seen!

There were decades when I had two sets of clothes.

The first were those items that were “presentable” and did not draw attention to myself.

The second set were the clothes that I felt good in. The second set was colorful. It made me standout. It made people uncomfortable. Absorbing their discomfort, I would wear those clothes less and less.

I hid them at the back of my closet. I hid the part of me that “made people feel discomfort” and I became shades of grey and beige.

After 55, I stopped hiding. I dug the colors out of my closet and I allowed the colors of me show through.

These days, I even wear crazy eyeglasses. I love the surprise on people’s faces when a short brown grey haired woman shows up with purple glasses.

I invite you to look at your closet. What do you see? What makes you feel seen? What hides you? 

Just notice. Notice also what you feel as you are noticing.

Last question, are YOU happy with what you notice?

If yes, go forth and show the world who you are. Let them see and feel your colors.

If not, you can always wear crazy eyeglasses like me!

Always on your side,


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