Tip #6 – Keep negative self-talk to a minimum!

Tip #6 at living the best years ahead of you: keep negative self-talk to a minimum because it’s damn hard to eradicate it, I have tried, I continue to try.

We all know the songs that get very popular and become one hit wonders.

We all know the songs that get stuck in our heads and become worms.

So, I imagine that negative self-talk ticks both those boxes.

Someone told us the “criticism” once and that’s really all they wrote. They kept repeating the same BS our whole lives then lo and behold those stupid lies get stuck in our heads.

That is negative self-talk.

What’s the solution? 

If I tell you that I am immune to it, it would be a lie. A big fat lie!

I am not immune.

What I try to do is to write down the lies and begin to realize it’s the same two or three things.

Mine always revolve around “enoughness”. I never seem to be enough or sometimes I am accused of being TOO much. I can’t seem to win.

Now, I focus on my own words to myself and I do something creative when the negative self-talk worms strike.


Always on your side,


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