Happy New Year!

Holiday greetings! We are taking a short break and will be back on-line 1/4/2022. Wishing you a safe and happy New Year! Always on your side, Indrani

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and yours the best during the holiday season and a safe New Year. Remember self-care during this time and to NOT do it all. Always on your side,...

Tis the Season

Dear friend, This season brings out all the “should and should not” people from the woodwork. People seem to want to line up to tell others what to do and...

Generations of Mothers

Last week I attended TED Women and am energized to do my work because of the passion of women I met. These photos are snippets of engagement and I cherish...

A Guided Meditation

Please listen to my guided mediation below...and remember, you are enough. Always on your side, Indrani  

Planning for Holiday Outfits

Do you tend to feel stress over what to wear during the holidays? Have you ever said to yourself, “I have nothing to wear!”, even though you have a closet...


Kindness is OWED to every single human, even while they have to face the music for heinous crimes. Ms. Maxwell aided and abetted Epstein to procure young women and she...

Owning Our Decisions

Life lesson #154, we must own our decisions. I was in a quilt class once and the teacher reminded us that we owned both sides of the fabric. The solids...

Domestic Violence – We Must Talk About It!

It's the last week of October 2021, and I find myself again trying to make sense of one big thing…why is domestic violence so prevalent, still? And under that one...

Be Intentional

Women make up the lion’s share of garment workers AND when we insist on paying $10.00 for a new shirt every fashion cycle, imagine what the woman at the machine...

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