There are 31,536,000 seconds in 1 year.

How many of them will be devoted to REST?

Rest looks like different things to everyone.

For me, rest is reading and quilting and playing with artists colors.

In our society, the United States, rest is seen as lazy. I hear highly successful people, saying they had a “lazy” day.

Why can’t we just say, “I had a day of rest.”

In the old days, if I was not overloaded, I felt like I had nothing going on.

In the past few years, I have flipped that thought and script.

Now, when someone asks what am I doing, I ask WHY?

Perhaps the next time you are asked to add yet another thing to your list, you might ask yourself “why?

Let me know how it goes, the seconds are slipping by.

Always on your side,


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