You Belong.

Join me for a short meditation with the sound of the first Chakra singing bowl. Remember, you belong. Always on your side, Indrani    

Pandemic Inside a Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed life as we know it. We are now facing a pandemic (domestic violence) inside another pandemic (the coronavirus). Please check out the “Our Voices Matter Podcast” where...

No place to hide!

As we face the Coronavirus pandemic, I also ask for your attention about another pandemic around the world against women. Please check out this article from Thrive Global: Always...

What courageous thing are you doing?

Here is a pictorial juxtaposition of my life now. Can you see the difference? The tiny AND complete build next to the massive AND incomplete build AND both are perfectly...

What tools are you waiting for?

I took a chance and made this. It took me 3.5 days. Can you see the missing piece? For a few hours, all I could do was see the missing...

What are you building?

When I made this years ago, I was so proud. It felt good to see it come to life. I thought it was as big as I ever wanted to...

A “rolling boil”

Boiling water is excellent metaphor for violence. Check out my video blog here: Boiling Water Always on your side, Indrani

Love Expressed as Violence is a Lie.

When my child was young, he spilled milk. My first reaction was to yell. But instead of yelling something harsh and negative, I clapped and I yelled “yay”! I was...

The bottle.

I was cleaning a bottle that originally contained marinara sauce to fill it with something else. As I began to peel off the label, I realized it was a good...

Papa Francesco said,”Sì”

I hugged the Pope 4 times. It was consensual. I asked permission. As he granted my request, his smile reached all the way to his eyes. Want to know how...

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