Welcome to August!

This month is often a time where we start thinking about the next quarter.

A time to regroup.

What does that mean?

For me, it means intentionally making a plan to work through all of my responsibilities and making sure they align with what “I want” to do in life.

Here is some bad news, if we aren’t sure of what we want, we’ll end up doing what others want us to do. And then it continues.

Here in this new month, we can decide how we want to go into the last quarter of 2021.

How are you going to decide what to focus on?

Should you stay on your current path or take an entirely different path all together?

Maybe you have decided that you can no longer be quiet about some of the ways you are treated.

I am speaking specifically about domestic violence.

Maybe you are strong enough now to change that path.

My wish for you is that it goes smoothly.

If it doesn’t, remember that you have the skills to navigate this new path!

Always on your side,



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