Tip #7 – Accept Compliments!

Tip #7 of living the best years ahead of you…accept compliments!

I have never had a problem giving compliments but receiving them, oof, that takes practice.

Some cultures think that giving compliments give people swollen heads. In those cultures, they are quick to point out flaws and make sure to keep you in your rightful place of always feeling not quite acceptable.

This almost always happens to girls and women.

I see evidence of little boys being praised in and out of formal situations, while little girls are told to be quiet and not be so pushy.

We grow up to accept the subliminal messages of mitigating what we say, when and how, and soon we are tripping over our own feet.

So today and every day, I encourage you to accept compliments when given.

And go ahead, give a compliment to another amazing woman, too.

You are amazing!

Always on your side,


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