There is a war in the Ukraine and the world is teeing to negotiate with a mad man.
My question to you is this…
Are you trying to negotiate with insanity in your own life?
If you are being abused and you keep hearing “it won’t happen again“, it may be time to think about new steps forward.
People want to change.
They really do.
They promise.
However, they break their promises and blame the environment or their boss or even you.
But it’s NEVER going to be your fault if a person is violent toward you.
Change is HARD.
Change happens slowly.
Changing abusive behaviors will require the help of professionals.
Victims also need help.
Identify a few small first steps and make a plan to stick to it.
You can go to RAFTcares.org to find some tools.
Be good to yourself.
You are worthy of your own love.
Stay safe.
Always on your side,

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