Hi Friend.

I felt great and I packed my bags to go overseas to see my 95 year old mother.

I went to get a PCR test required for travel and WHAM!!!! Positive.


I was not even feeling sick…except for a sore throat, but I have asthma so I chalked it up as that. I did feel tired, but I had been running around a lot getting ready for travel.

Turns out I had COVID and had good reason to be tired and to have a breathing issue.

I am grateful for a home with enough space to quarantine and my own bathroom.

Whenever I ventured out of my hideyhole, I wore gloves and a mask.

I know that many people who have/had COVID could not take off and had very little space for seclusion. The disparities in society were even more glaring during the last 2 years.

For everyone who survived odds that seemed impossible, you are a hero to your friends and family.

My invitation to you is to NOT take on tasks that others thrust on you. They had to figure it out without you and they managed. Maybe they even became stronger.

Don’t do what I did. Do give yourself permission to be sick. Give yourself permission to be human.

Always on your side,


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