Life is like a skein of yarn, messy and manageable.

I fancy myself a knitter, but I really only make scarves because they are easy. I do, however, buy amazing yarns. This skein of yarn came twisted and I had to wrap it in a ball for it to be usable.

The first photo shows the whole messy skein.

It took a long time and a lot of patience to find the ends and carefully untwist the yarn while wrapping it into a ball.

My hands were tired.

I stopped multiple times and wanted to give up.

But, I loved the yarn. I loved the color. I loved the feel of it as I wrapped it into a tight ball.

I realized that this yarn represented my life. It looked like a proper mess many times and I choose over and over to pick at the problems until I found solutions.

What problems?

Well, let’s see…

  1. No money for college
  2. No car to go to work
  3. Health issues that seemed ‘unfixable’
  4. Debilitating fear of heights

The list goes on and in and I would lick my wounds and keep trying.

I did find the money for college. 

I did find the money for a car to get to work. 

I took the steps I needed to take to get my health in track. 

I did get over my fear of heights and began to enjoy life from dizzying heights. 

Back to the yarn, even when the unwinding was almost done, the little bit left to do still looked messy.

So what! 

We can and must, deploy all of our skill sets to the deal with our hurdles.

I did finish that ball of yarn. Now, I must make something lovely with it.

I know that life will require me to slow down and unwind problems at a snail’s pace. We will rest and renew and start again.

We must.

We will use the lessons of the past to inform the problems facing us in the present.

We will remember that we are more than the sum total of everything we have ever endured or overcome.

We are powerful problem solvers.

As you head into this season of crazy making and doing too much, remember to walk away from the mess, every so often.

All of it will be waiting when you find the courage to renew.

I believe in you.

Always on your side,


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