Honor Women!

I had the pleasure of accompanying a 30-something to her doctor for a tubal ligation.

As I listened to her doctor, I heard that some states, and even physicians, make a woman answer a bunch of insane questions like…

  • You might change your mind, right?
  • What if some future partner wants you to have their baby?
  • Aren’t you being selfish?

The SCOTUS has stripped away a basic human right, to have or not to have children. This will result in women seeking out care in back alleys.

Women must take a stand over their own bodies. One of these basic rights is whether to get pregnant in the FIRST place.

Women, ask your doctors about this procedure, just to hear how invasive the questions are. I am not saying to get the procedure, I am saying to simply ask.

We must change the medical system, and this might be a way to start.

Let us make the medical system accountable and make the system honor women by listening and making the questions be helpful, not shameful.

We should not be shamed by our doctors.

Always on your side,


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