Generations of Mothers

Last week I attended TED Women and am energized to do my work because of the passion of women I met.
These photos are snippets of engagement and I cherish them.
Sherri Mitchel wrote “Sacred Instruction” and I am ready to learn about the teachings of mothers everywhere.
She referenced matrifocal and matricultural lessons and I am sad that it took me 68 years to learn about the depth of knowledge denied to me because patriarchal lessons take over everything. Follow her. She is powerful.
I remember a family member saying with pride that they can name their forefathers back 7 generations. I said, “and mothers?” They were stunned that I would even mention that. The fact that mothers birthed them AND had been erased from history was not at all upsetting.
Let’s find ways into matrifocal ways of learning.
Let’s try to balance our historical perspectives.
Always on your side,

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