All Engine

I just saw this little tugboat, pulling a big barge.

It fascinated me.

And then I learned that the tugboat could be almost all engine, and nothing else, because it’s not carrying any cargo. Maybe just one person.

Of course I had to figure out the metaphor there.

So, if you think of Mother Teresa and the big movement she launched, she was all engine.

And in human parlance, that means she had a big dream and an even bigger passion. Every morning she woke up, she knew exactly what she was going to do to move that dream forward.

Think of Jane Goodall, same thing – big dream, small steps, big passion, big engine.

So, it doesn’t matter how tiny we are, whether that be in stature or in any other unit of measurement.

What matters is how BIG our passion, how BIG our engine for change.

So be the little tiny tugboat and pull that barge and make your change.

For me, my BIG passion and my BIG engine is to do as much as I can to end domestic violence.

That is my work and I will pull everyone who wants to jump on this bandwagon with me.

I will use my engine to make this possible.

What’s your big dream?

How big is your passion?

Please let me know.

Always on your side,


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