Age with grace and without apology!

In a few months, I will be 69.

When I turned 30, I was sad. No one told me the best years were ahead. The media and culture told me that my best years were past.

Word to younger people, your age is just a number AND the best years can be ahead if you plan for them to be.


1. Stay healthy with exercise and nutrition.

2. Challenge yourself mentally and physically.

3. Learn something new every so often.

4. Fail at many things and learn from each success at failing.

5. Let people love you as deeply as you love them.

6. Keep negative self-talk at a minimum because it’s damn hard to eradicate it, I have tried, I continue to try.

7. Accept compliments when given, give compliments.

8. Use your eyes and ears to see and hear the wrongs in the world and do your best to fix them, you may not end them, but you must try.

9. Cherish your friends, allow them to leave if they must, grieve the loss.

10. Accept your body and face as you age, don’t fall for marketing BS about “looking young”.

11. Dress yourself with color and be seen.

Does this look simple? It is not. AND still, the journey is worth undertaking.


Always on your side,




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